New Name & New Look

An established business coach came to dp Design for new branding and marketing that would represent the company and owner’s personality and attract professionals who want to propel their business or team to the next level.

The “dp” Discovery Process

Leading a select group through a dynamic discussion process guided by customized questions, dp Design helps reveal key words and phrases that reflect the core essence, values, and mission of the business.


Case Studies and Website

Never forget to share how you help your clients. With these case studies we listed a brief company profile, a particular problem the company was  dealing with and the solution. Most importantly share the outcome, the impact your solution(s) made in the business, with employees or in the community.  With Now & Next we used these case studies on the website, social media, in presenations packes and so on.

Throughout all the pieces of the marketing  puzzle, we make sure that the branding is consistent: 


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