We take great pride in these words – to Inspire our clients. Influence clients’ customers. Impact their market. In doing so we have been rewarded with great praises, amazing partnerships, and long lasting working relationships.

Working with Diana continues to be a great experience. She not only ‘gets’ where I want to go with my marketing but understands what would appeal to that market.

I have always relied upon her for her insight and, most especially, the quick turnaround from my very rough outlines to a completed project.

~ Jan Kilies, ClassKit

Montgomery Farmers market on Saturday; the POSTER LOOKED FABULOUS!  You took so much information and put it together in an easily-digestible format, while maintaining the look and feel of our branding!  I also love the rack cards that go with it, as they further reinforce the message and our branding and are great pieces for customers to take away.

~ Lori Holmes, Holmes Construction

We had a very tight deadline, and were thrilled at how quickly Diana understood exactly what we needed. Within a day, she provided a creative, impactful solution.

Even though she was under pressure to produce quick results, Diana remained unruffled and inspiring. She put in the extra effort to meet our time constraints and made it look easy. Her professionalism and talent made the whole process surprisingly more enjoyable than we anticipated.

The response to our mailers has been so good that we continue to use the marketing pieces Diana created.

~ Mike M., Owner

Thank you for your Fabulous new website! It is beautiful and will work well for us in sharing our amazing students, as well as connecting with the donors. We are happy and grateful that you are part of our team.

~ Director, Dohn Community High School

Just so you know I am delighted with this piece and thankful I went to that breakfast so I could meet you! I feel you ‘got’ where we were going even when we weren’t sure ourselves. We had the words and a dream and you made it a beautiful reality.

Thanks for jumping into our crazy lol! And you were correct; we were going to work together.

I’ll let you know what the gang says about this piece, and I can’t wait to see what our customers say about it!

Results for A to Z Ebook:

Well I hope you are sitting down for these numbers.

· On the Residential side we have a total submission rate of 23.73%

·  On the Confident Living side we have a total submission rate of 76.39% (yes, that number is correct!)

So there you have it. Which is exactly why I wanted to be sure you could work on the other ebooks! 😉

~ Sharon M., Life Enriching Communities

Diana leads a team of professional creatives in order to provide a full service agency for my coaching business.

Over the past 10 years she has helped me grow my business by rebranding my company name and logo, developing and updating my website, creating social media strategies, and managing my blogs and newsletters.

She and her team have always been professional, creative and fun to work with.

~ Laurie Althaus, Now & Next

Getting La ScentSationals from an idea and inspiration to an actual product for the retail world has been a very interesting and informative journey. I have been introduced to many different specialists, vendors, and manufacturers throughout this process and I must say the relationship I have with you and your company is the silver lining of the last year. I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the excellent work you have provided.Your creativeness is outstanding and the ability you have to take my visions and translate them into dynamic and stylish graphical representations is remarkable, I truly value the relationship we have formed.

 ~ Lisa, La ScentSationals

As potential business owners with nothing but a few ideas and a business name, we contracted Diana at dpDesign Agency to help us get started. Diana asked a lot of questions in her assessment of our desires and goals and then consulted with us to develop a marketing plan. She helped create our branding, including logo and business cards, and designed and developed our website, coaching us on how the content should be written and what information should be included—and not included. Diana educated us about the importance of social media in marketing and suggested ways to reach various audiences. She challenged us to get creative, power through the tough times, and celebrate the successes in getting our business launched. Diana is fun and creative and has a great feel for how all of the various aspects of a business can work together to create success.

~ MoxieWorks, Cathy Dees & Lynna Kalna

Thanks so much for your help and support of the Fit to Fight Triathlon! Everything always looks awesome – you’re such a professional and I love working with you. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

~ Elyse, J., Venus Fitness

We love the jersey!! It is perfect. Better than perfect! AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! Yeah, that about describes it. I am just very lucky to have you as the creator and how wonderful it was to work with you. Thank you very, very much for all you have done to make this dream a reality. If you had any idea how important this is to the group and how wonderful the finished product is you would know you deserve a Golden Creator Globe Award!

~ Petrina Crabtree

Yesterday I was in conversation with a Director in Rochester, NY regarding a grant we are working on here. In the conversation she said “I can see Dohn is successful because of what I get from your website.”  Diana, thank you so much for your help, vision, and skill.

~Aureal Williams, Development Coordinator, Dohn Community High School 

Growing Sound is just thrilled with our new website! We appreciate working with Diana. She took the time to understand our needs and developed a design that was both whimsical and resourceful. We’ve had great feedback from our customers and the new look has helped elevate our brand.

~ Alyson Bleistine, Director Sales & Marketing Growing Sound, a division of Children, Inc.

Dearest Diana – The Extravagathering Gala book Rocks! What a great team effort. Your creativity however and time and effort are what made it!! A thousand thanks!”

~ Kris Austin, The Gathering Place

It’s crazy starting your own business. There are so many elements to juggle, decisions to be made – it can be quite stressful. But, Diana made the branding and marketing side fun and inspiring – even relaxing! She not only came up with a wonderful logo and packaging, she even helped with naming some of the specialty chocolates. Her team set me up so I could easily do the printing and labeling in house, which saved me time and money. I still get comments on the cute packaging!

~ Cathy, 1893 House, Owner

Your artwork and design are really creating a sensation at this end. The carton and bottle units were showcased all over the place and the results and comments are excellent. What you have created is drop-dead-twice gorgeous! Even the owner of Thoropak is extremely impressed. The Academy Awards nominees receive their gift baskets today and from what I understand, the interest and positive response

is very strong. Thanking you is not enough; so well done and especially under such challenging developments.

~ Catlin, Owner



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