MoxieWorks – Starting a Business

We really enjoy working with people who are passionate about their field and want to develop their expertise into a new business.

Two experienced communication experts came to us with a concept, but they needed lots of help and direction. Although they were seasoned professionals, they didn’t know much about the integral parts of starting a business. All they had was the name of the business.

Over a six month period, we developed a comprehensive plan that included marketing strategies, brand identity, and website development.

“As potential business owners with nothing but a few ideas and a business name, we contracted Diana at dpDesign Agency to help us get started. Diana asked a lot of questions in her assessment of our desires and goals and then consulted with us to develop a marketing plan. She helped create our branding, including logo and business cards, and designed and developed our website, coaching us on how the content should be written and what information should be included—and not included. Diana educated us about the importance of social media in marketing and suggested ways to reach various audiences. She challenged us to get creative, power through the tough times, and celebrate the successes in getting our business launched. Diana is fun and creative and has a great feel for how all of the various aspects of a business can work together to create success.”

MoxieWorks – Cathy Dees & Lynna Kalna

Website Design & Development

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. We created a tailored website that fit MoxieWorks’ e-commerce needs, business goals, and personality.

We collaborated with the client to create

  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Design
  • Visuals

Because the process was recursive, we made adjustments throughout the process and specified provisions for future business growth and development. 


In the works…

Book Cover Design

We are really excited to be part of MoxieWorks’ first publication,
The Backbone Solution: Eight Adjustments to Strengthen the Core of Your Work Place Email.

MoxieWorks was so happy with our working relationship and our understanding of their brand that they wanted to continue the partnership by asking us to design the cover of their book.


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