Client Case Study #130

A Perfectly Branded New Face in the Crowd

The Situation:

Skincare company needs packaging for new product.

Newly invented, high-end skin care product needed the perfect branding, packaging, and marketing materials in order to set itself above other similar products on the market.

The Challenge:

Making the product stand out in a crowded market  

The product sold for several hundred dollars per ounce and was competing with other, much less expensive, products advertised as producing the same results.

The packaging and branding needed to amplify the message that the product was strikingly more effective than all other products in its category. It also needed to communicate that the product formulation was based on proven scientific research. 

The Solution:

A striking branding and package design

DP Design created the branding strategy, packaging, and marketing materials based on research, detailing the features that signify quality and credibility to the target audience.

The strategy included:

  • Selecting a unique bottle design for powerful retail and in-home advertising
  • Creating a logo that communicates modern elegance as well as the clinical nature of the product
  • Designing a high-quality, two-sided unit carton package with subtle gradations of color and iridescent overprinting to mirror the sophistication of the product

The Results:

Award winning design

The overall design won a PIAS Graphic Award for Excellence in Design and Packaging, and the product was featured in a swag bag for the Academy Awards.


“Your artwork and design are really creating a sensation at this end. The carton and bottle units were showcased all over the place and the results and comments are excellent. What you have created is drop-dead-twice gorgeous! Even the owner of Thoropak is extremely impressed. The Academy Awards nominees receive their gift baskets today and from what I understand, the interest and positive response is very strong. Thanking you is not enough; so well done and especially under such challenging developments.”

Mike M., Owner





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