Client Case Study #22 Forum Credit Union

Forum Credit Union Membership Campaign:

Fun membership campaign reminiscent of the 1950s that ran for three months and far exceeded the company’s target numbers. Directed tellers to wear ‘50s theme clothing every Friday. Created and developed traditional marketing tools: informational brochure, application form, statement stuffer, flyer, teller poster, and outdoor banner.


The Situation:

A regional credit union seeks help in expanding membership base

A regional credit union wanted to engage existing customers as well as reach new prospects in order to increase its membership base. To do that, they needed multiple marketing campaigns.  


The Challenge:

Designing 10 unique three-month marketing campaigns

Each campaign needed to enroll a target number of new members. The challenge was to present the same information, distinctively, for a wide variety of target audiences, from high school students to retirees. Each campaign needed a unique theme and giveaway.


The Solution:

Laser-focused campaigns

Dp Design conducted research into each customer type to determine the images, words, and phrases that would be appealing to that group. For example, one of the campaigns had a 1950s theme so we

  • Created a style guide based on popular phrases, clothes, colors, and styles from that decade
  • Applied the style guide to the outdoor banner, teller poster, statement stuffers, and application form
  • Designed costumes for the tellers to wear on Fridays, the day we designated as ‘50s Day

The Results:

Stunning success in all 10 campaigns

Each of the ten marketing campaigns exceeded the goal set for number of new members joined! 

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