New Name & New Look

An established business coach needed new branding and marketing – something that would represent the company and owner’s personality and attract professionals who want to propel their business or team to the next level.

The “dp” Discovery Process

We have several processes in place for specific kinds of projects. In this instance, we gathered and led a select group through a dynamic discussion. With customized questions, we created key words and phrases that reflect the core essence of the business. This led to the development of the business’s name, core values, mission statement, and tagline.


Case Studies

Never forget to share how you help your clients! Case studies are a great way to tell your story. With these case studies, we listed a brief company profile, a particular problem the company was dealing with, and the solution. Most importantly, share the outcome – the impact your solution(s) made in the business, with employees/teams, or in the community. With Now & Next, for example, we used these case studies on the website, in social media marketing, and in presentation packets.


Celebrate milestones along the way, such as successful projects, big events and, of course, the launching of your new business – thanking all involved. Now & Next celebrated with a unique party and presentation.


Select an advertising medium that works best for your business. With Now & Next, we created and launched several advertising campaigns in a Cincinnati magazine. In this advertising series, we worked with the same style image, used customers’ testimonials, and focused on a few issues that Now & Next found business owners struggling with. This campaign was very successful and was used in digital marketing, as well.

“Diana leads a team of professional creatives in order to provide a full service agency for my coaching business.


Over the past 10 years she has helped me grow my business by rebranding my company name and logo, developing and updating my website, creating social media strategies, and managing my blogs and newsletters.


She and her team have always been professional, creative and fun to work with.”  ~Laurie Althaus 

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